Sheila Klein (b. 1952, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American artist. She lives and works in Edison, Washington and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work straddles the worlds of architecture, sculpture, installation and traditional women's crafts.

“I want to dress the world. Re-make it, as I want to see it, one piece at a time. The world is my studio. I perform with materials.”

Group Show, 10 Sept 2022 - 8 Oct 2022
Fresh Mochi, Seattle, Washington
Artists Meghan Elizabeth Trainor, Amanda Manitach, Sharon Arnold, Sheila Klein, Marie Bouassi, Elizabeth Jameson, and Eve Cohen offer a range of protective paraphernalia.
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Group Show, 1 September 2022 - 30 September 2022
Mt. Analogue
The EN, Seattle, Washington
Curated by Chloe Dye Sherpe, featuring work by Lanny Bergner, Sheila Klein, Marita Dingus, Rachel Maxi, and Camas Logue.
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Art Fair, 21 - 24 July 2022
Seattle Art Fair
i.e. gallery featured Imagine the World as Built by a Women, a year of Klein's work from 2021-2022, in their booth at the 2022 Seattle Art Fair.
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Public Art, 2018 - 2023
Seattle, Washington
Walktic occupies a prominent site at the north end of the Washington State Convention Center Expansion on Boren Avenue. The site is busy with pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles. Your movement creates the experience as the sculptural graphic undulates as you move past it. You, the light, and the sky will make it happen.
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Public Art, 1993, reinstalled 2020
Los Angeles, California
Vermonica is an artist-initiated sculpture, originally located in the parking lot of a mini-mall. It is a drive-in museum of street lighting. This urban candelabra with its range of materials, styles, and historical periods, points out the variety and sculptural nature of this every day civic appliance.
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