Hall of Architecture
The series Hall of Architecture grew out of a realization that Sheila Klein's varied interests had deep connections to each other. As a child growing up in Pittsburgh, Klein spent many weekends at the Carnegie Museum of Art. The Hall of Architecture served as her corridor between the art galleries and the library. When Klein traveled through Rahasthan, India in 2008, she found the perforated lacy window walls to be much like crocheted architecture - formed by a series of posts and interstices creating a geometric hierarchy.

Textile Wallah, 2009, Tea dyed cotton, 88" x 153", displayed at Klein's show Map of Everything at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Left: Inspiration for Textile Wallah
Right: Klein crocheting Textile Wallah

Inspiration: the Hall of Architecture in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which Klein frequented during her childhood.

Left: Pieces from Hall of Architecture at Gallery Cygnus, La Conner WA
Right: Arch, 2014, cotton, 60" x 144", at artist's studio

Delhi Lattice, 2013, tea dyed cotton seine twine, 96" x 82", L&P Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, K.I. Campus, CEPT, Ahmedabad, India

Left: Inspiration for Delhi Lattice
Right: Delhi Lattice, 2013, tea dyed cotton seine twine, 96" x 82"

Sarkej, 2015, tea dyed cotton, 82" x 79"

Sarkej, process and detail

Left: Inspiration for Map of Everything: Le Corbusier, plan for A City of Three Million Inhabitants, 1922
Right: Map of Everything, 2008, stainless steel and cotton, 33" x 39"

Underdome, 2015, stainless steel and cotton, 44" x 44"

Underdome, detail

Rose Window, 2014, hemp, 36" x 36"

Levant Screens, 2014
Left: tea dyed cotton, 43" x 24"
Center: cotton, hemp, 43" x 24"
Right: hemp, linen, tar cotton, 43" x 24"

Mt. Abu Dome, 2012, natural brown cotton and seine twine, 41" x 41"

Cartouche, 2007, linen, hemp and stainless steel yarn, 94" x 78"

Balcony I, 2012, hemp, nettle, cotton, 32" x 33"

Balcony II, 2012, seine twine, cotton, linen, hemp, 27" x 50"

Left: Inspiration for Jali
Right: Jali, 2010, tea dyed cotton and linen, 38" x 21"

Haveli Window, 2011, hemp and linen, 47" x 22"

Old City Window, 2012, nettle, hemp and linen, 62" x 29"

Grille, 2009, linen, hemp and cotton, 61" x 45"

Dome, 2009, cotton, 34" x 34"

Arabesque, 2009, cotton, 53" x 30"

Pieces from Hall of Architecture at Matched Makers, Museum of Northwest Art, La Connor, Washington, 2016